If i’m Mexican/Latinx can i call myself “brown” or is thst considered racist?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Did you know the confederate south used a LatinX motto?

    lol, see how dumb that sounds?

    The confederate’s and the US both picked national mottos written in lingua Latina. Latina is *still* located in Europe. They don't even speak Spanish or Portuguese in Latina. The real Latins conquered most of Europe including the Britons.

    And the fact is, we're using a Latino alphabet to type this message. Both Latina and Latino are found in European texts before the Americas were "discovered".

    Latin America wasn't used during colonization. It's was pushed as a politically correct term by modern Media. The idea has no historic value.

    Mexico is part of Mesoamerica. That would make them Mesoamerican.

    So you can't answer this question because it's based on non-sense.

    deo vindice, e pluribus unum

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sure you can. Cain Velasquez has brown pride tattooed across his chest and nobody called him racist. But then again, I don’t think too many people will have the balls to call him that since he’s one bad mofo. He beat Brock Lesnar and gave Brock a scar across his face. 

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