Robocop and Batman, could they 'work together' in Gotham City or would Robocop be a NUISANCE ?

imagine Batman in a situation where hes out of his depth, badly hurt and out numbered and out gunned as he realises his end his near. The Sadistic gang are about to finish the Dark Knight,  who lays blooded, bruised and beaten...then suddenly Robocop comes flying through the 150th storey window on his mutha phecking bad *** motorcycle with a NEW BIG gun! ^_^


thoughts ?

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  • Goerge
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Unfortunately Robocop would end up arresting Batman for his vigilante style of justice and of course the bad guy would laugh as he escapes. Nobody likes a wet blank Robocop. 

  • 1 month ago

    different universes you moron.

    but suppose your far fetched childish comic fantasty came true as you describe it.

    Robocop would have to do the job himself if Batman was that 'bloodied, beaten and bruised' but get real - this is BATMAN , the DARK KNIGHT we're talking about.

    Nobody administers that kind of beat down on Batman without taking some kind of beating in the process themselves,  refer to batman v superman for details on that.

    Batman would have had to have fallen into a trap of some sort and yes he'd need to be out numbered and blackmailed into not taking any action.

    If Robocop appeared the way you describe he would,  cheesy as it would seem,  that would be enough to divert attention and cause chaos so that the pair could team up and clear up the mess together.

    The Bat would inflict loads of damage and negate the threat to Robocops efficiency because both would compliment each others skills nicely.  I think it could work out well for the pair actually but after that I dont ever want to see these two together again as its just dumb.

  • 1 month ago

    If Robocop was in Gotham, Batman could go on a round the world cruise for a year and nobody would miss him.

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