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What is a ghost write? What is the difference between a writer and an author? ?

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  • Amber
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    4 weeks ago

    A ghost writer is someone who is usually paid to write for someone else. The last question I'll leave to you. Both of these questions could have been put into google and you'd all ready have your answers. You want to know, look it up.

  • 4 weeks ago

    An author is published.  

  • Expat
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    4 weeks ago

    A ghost writer is someone who writes books for other people. Trump, for example, likes to pretend he has written several books; he hasn’t written any of them himself. They were all written by ghost writers; writers he paid to write his books. 

    Writer and author- this is really a matter of semantics. A writer expresses themselves (hopefully well) in writing; an author is someone who writes novels, poems or any other works of literature (not always published).

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