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Disagreement with husband over our dogs?

Please try to be as unbiased as possible, obviously this story is from my point of view. But here’s my issue, our dogs are outside only. We’re both extremely close to them but to me, they’re my children. I think about them all the time, give them vitamins daily, and miss them when I’m at work. I feel like I’m missing out on the joys of having them inside with me and living life WITH WITH us. We’re outside with them a lot but I do worry about them on hot days or cold nights (they have a whole sunroom to themselves with shelter but still Id feel more at peace knowing they were inside safe when we went to bed). His thing is growing up his mom had a ton of dogs inside and didn’t give them flea treatment or keep them clean. While I always keep up with their flea treatment, I understand the pet dander. I don’t like the dog smell and one of our dogs is a long haired breed that sheds all year round like a ton! But they never have accidents inside ever. They’re well behaved inside when we’re there. I wouldn’t leave them in if we weren’t there because they do get into trouble. Our home is being renovated so we are sinking a lot of money into new nicer things so I understand his concern about them messing things up but I just think all of these things would be worth it to have the happiness of them inside with us. The fact that our house is a mess right now because of construction probably adds to the annoyance of their shedding and dog smell. Any insight?


We live in SC with fairly moderate weather. Hottest summers are 96ish and coldest winters 28 degrees at the lowest?

Update 2:

They also hate water and baths so I bathe them about once every two months. And considering they’d be outside when we were at work every day, I do think it’d be hard to keep them smelling fresh and clean every day. I just wish I could find a solution to all of his objections. 

Update 3:

I think I’m asking for solutions to his issues with it or compromises so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on parts of their lives. 

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    The compromises are:

    1) They come in at night.  (They are safer & so are you.)  You & hubby must decide if "indoors" means = sun room only, kitchen only or in the bedroom in crates, etc.

    2) You get them professionally groomed and consider having the long haired dog "clipped" or groomed short - even if not TYPICAL for its breed.  (Example: Boo the Pomeranian -who was very cute but looked NOTHING LIKE a Pom after the unique "cut".)  

    2b) You SEE TO IT they get washed by either the groomer or you - more often.... if odor is any issue.  But.... I question HOW they can possibly get so dirty or smelly.  Does either have a yeast or other skin condition?  If not, then more home grooming needs to be done by you.  Learn to brush or use a hound's mitt on your dogs  (if not daily - then weekly, as per the recommendation for their breed).  Home up-keep on coat to get OUT dirt & to prevent tangles or matting is REQUIRED (homework) for responsible owners.

    3) Have you considered putting them on dog beds filled with fresh red cedar shavings? (Not only does it make dogs smell better, it can deter fleas & other insects).  These can be offered in your sun room area, for example. 

    4) Put in hardwood or laminate floors so there will be less retained odor & dander (vs carpet).  Use a swiffer or robotic vacuum - daily.  Feel free to hand the job to hubby (if you both work) or to pay for a cleaning service to come, since the dogs will be outside.

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    have them inside during the day if they want. Whats the use of having animals if they are not near you. Your husband may be the old fashioned type, dogs belong outside.YOu can get vacuum cleaners that are good for dog fur and u may need to use everday. You can also get a device that gets rid of fur on the sofa etc. Next time u go to the vet when u come home say that the vet said they have some arthritis and being outside all the time is making it worse. U may need to tell a few fibs to get past your husband

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    Maybe you could try bringing them in and keep them in if they don't mess anything up but keep them outside if they do

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    The dogs can be trained to be house dogs.  Why do you have dogs if they cannot be part of the family/pack?  Owning dogs does have it's downfalls but comes with owning dogs.  

    I have an extra large dog door for my dogs & let them be where they want to be.  Having dogs in the house isn't bad of you have a nice lawn yard, they won't be bringing in all kinds of dirt in their coats to spread all over the house.  So most of the issue would be the shedding but that can be curbed by taking them into to get a Brush & Bath & a Blow out.  This blows out all the loose coat that would be shed in your home.

    Check out this video of a Husky being blown dry, & note all the loose coat being blown away.  Cuts out the hair all over the house.

    Youtube thumbnail

    You can either have a groomer do this or you can buy a power dryer that can do it.

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    Why have dogs, if they live outside? Get the dogs groomed properly and on a routine basis, and they will not smell. Use Capstar for fleas, although if inside it should not be a problem. Treat them like part of the family. 

    You can also buy a couple of dog cages for times when you are not at home.

    Tell him you want a child. That might work.

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    You are coming from two very different perspectives about dogs and only you two can discuss and agree.... dogs behave in a house if they are trained and socialised in a house, outside dogs do not as they do not have that experience/ thing I would say is they are dogs a different animal species, they are not little human babies, so respect them as dogs.

    Regular grooming stops most of the dead hair and dander, remove that and there is no smell, cleaning your home and teaching them that their own bed is where they lie, not on furniture/your bed

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    Lomg hair breeds stink man. You should get pit bulls - they are so awesome man they can kill anything they want to.

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    You don`t state the ages of the dogs or there breed, but if you spend a lot if time with them, and they are happy and content living outside the main house. They have got each other for company and I don`t see as  they would be any happier living indoors.

    Its YOU who feel you are missing out on `the joys` of having them indoors, which is not always that  `joyful` believe me, including when they come in all muddy and hairs get everywhere however careful you vacuum.

    if you both you and your hubby work full time the dogs are used to just having each other for company all day. 

    You can spend as much time with the dogs as you like before and after work with them surely?

    If things are working out well with the present arrangement with the dogs I can`t see any real reason to change it, which may not work out as well as you expect.

    If you worry about them at night, then shut them in the sunroom at night when its cool and leave a window open for air etc.

    There is not really enough information about their daily routine and their living arrangements, for me to comment more positively.

                  I wonder how, they get so dirty and smelly that you need to wash them every 8 weeks??

    That is quite excessive and it does remove all the essential oils from their coat and skin. 

    My dog lives in and out, whatever he feels like, and he does not smell, or need to be washed more than once a year.

    My final word is. Why try to mend something that is not broken?

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    When you have just about any pets things get messed up. That's why my home isn't as nice as I'd like it to look. I moved into a new place, my first home of my own. I paid thousands to have this place professionally painted, good quality paint, nice floors laid, a beautiful carpet in the living room, all new furniture. 

    At the time my dog was sixteen and for a large dog she was healthy. Then suddenly she started dealing in bladder incontinence. They discovered she had polyps in her bladder that they could do nothing about so...incontinence and frequent urine infections have become a part of her life and mine. My bran new floors, carpets and paint is constantly stained with very bad smelling, dark urine. I've had to stop her going into the living room, because sometimes she just pees and doesn't know it. Doggy diapers didn't work well for us and because she's a large dog but quite skinny (other medical issue) most don't fit her snug enough. I either had to keep buying them or keep washing them. We use mostly just the bedroom now and I've had to lay plastic down over the whole carpet with towels over top that have to be washed daily. You don't like the smell of dog, huh. Try the smell of urine. 

    If you bath a dog and use a cologne plus a made for pets de-deodorizing spray and open windows, the smell isn't that bad. If you brush your dogs daily and de-shed them it reduces hair a lot. You got a long haired dog (for outside I know) but surely you knew that dog might HAVE to come inside sometimes. Like when it gets old and can't take out door temps. Or if it's sick and must be kept warm in the winter. You can't always have your cake and eat it. It's hard to have a really nice home and have pets as well. It just is. You're going to get a mess sometimes. You'll get accident sometimes. You'll get vomit sometimes. 

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    So what do you want from us? To agree with you? All right, I agree with you. Dogs are better kept inside. But me thinking that is not going to change your husband's mind.

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