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Behavior with my son?

My son is 10, he keeps getting up in middle of the night and sneaking his electronics (switch, iPad, school computer) 

I taken them away for a time limit, I am hid them, I had time write a letter telling me why it is wrong, I even put them in my closet (that night he took my phone) 

I am lost how else to get though this, I ask him why, he says “I am bored”  

Can anyone help me?


I made him write a letter but I also took the devices away all together for 2 weeks, it started off as 2 days and went up by 2 days every time he took them

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    Put passwords on everything and make them all different. Don't tell him the passwords either, that way the only way he can access them is with your permission. Hide the switch somewhere new each night. Also, set up screen time on the iPad. 

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    Teach him how to read.

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    Some options: turn off the WiFi at night, change passcodes on all electronics so he has to ask and have you unlock them, use a family app manager like Family Link to assign time limits and lock devices, put devices in a locking safe for the night, put an alarm on his bedroom door so you know if he's up sneaking around... I get the struggle, I've got a 10 year old boy as well and sometimes I just have to be the mean parent and draw a line in the sand: I said no and meant no, if you continue to sneak things, you'll lose privileges and need mommy to hang over you at all times like you were two instead of ten. 

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    You only need to post a question once. No need to post multiple times in different categories. 

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    How did you punish him for his behavior? You made him write a letter? LOL!

    Update: He still gets them back after disobeying you at least 6 times already? 

    I would take the gaming devices away altogether. Lock his school device in the car boot. 

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