Why can't my iPod touch play Youtube vertically?

A few days ago, I go to youtube by browser on my iPod touch. I click the video to play. The video loads up like normal but it only plays for one second before exiting out. I click the video for it to continue to play but it only repeats itself. I turn my iPod horizontally and the video plays perfectly normal. So as the video plays I turn it vertically and the video once again exits out and does the same thing over and over with every video I try to play.

I go to my other devices to see if they're doing the same thing but they're all playing youtube as normal as could be.

I wait a few days and the iPod or Youtube continued to do this. So I restart my internet: nothing.

Restart my iPod: nothing

Reset all settings on the iPod: nothing.

I am not a tech-y person so I am out of options of what to do about this. Someone please help.

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