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What's going to happen if the Supreme Court goes solidly to the right?

The Supreme Court could reverse Roe vs Wade and Trump could also influence the Supreme Court to be more authoritarian direction.  So no checks and balances for decades to come I guess?  Isn't this kind of the opposite of what our founding fathers would've wanted?  Are we going to be like Russia.....authoritarian, fascist government control? 

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    we'll find out if that happens

  • mokrie
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    SO why is Trump picking judges that adhere firmly to the Constitution and not go with their own ideology or someone else's wishes. 

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    Overturning roe v wade will be great progress for this nation. It’s a stain on our nations past.

    Currently democrats are saying they now want to expand the number of justices to change the balance of power and to remove it from conservatives. Know who else did that? The socialist dictator of Venezuela. 

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    The Constitution is the " checks and balances " the Supreme Court is guided by .

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  • 1 month ago

    Another meltdown by the Demorats.

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