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he doesn't want a relationship?

I met this guy bc we started hanging in a group of girls and guys, and I rly like him. sometimes we hang in smaller groups or just us. we are super flirty and touchy, and everybody knows smth is up. but he doesn't want a relationship rn bc his past ones were so bad. im fine w not being in a relationship, but I wanna be more than just friends (even friends w benefits would be fine). I like him a lot. 

I just dont wanna be friend zoned, so I need to know if I should make a move/what moves/what I should do. I just want to know what the next step should be and what is a good way to go about it. please help!


also, it's hard bc girls aren't rly a priority for him rn bc he doesn't want a relationship, so hes always busy w his friends and I usually have to make the plans which sucks. idk if I should keep making these plans or if it's just annoying

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need to have a conversation with him, even if it’s lighthearted or “seems like a joke.” Bring it up in a casual way but try to see how he feels. You just need to nudge him 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Stop trying to make a move on him and respect that he doesn't want anything right now. Boundaries matter. Learn them and respect them. You wouldn't like it if he did that to you so don't do it to him.

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