What's the life expectancy of someone who is on dialysis and still eats horribly and frequently extends 1-2 days in between appointments?

My friend on dialysis is 51 yrs old, has high blood pressure and is bipolar, therefore, he goes into angry rages quite often. He excessively eats (it's an addiction) and he'll binge eat and drink (liquids, not alcohol) the day before his dialysis appts so they're always having to take out more water than usual which extends his appts a couple hours. He travels often (without doctor consent), had his drivers license revoked and still drives cross country at least once a month. Are we thinking death wish? Or am I taking it too far??? He keeps having to be hospitalized for allergies since being on dialysis with serious face and body swelling. I think it's because he's not doing the process of dialysis properly but he keeps saying it's the weather. Am I crazy for being seriously concerned????? I'm curious if there's any medical professionals out there (or people that have experienced a similar experience with a loved one) whom could chime in. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Assuming your friend is someone like YOU who refuses to wear a face mask, he probably won't live long at all.

    I'm tired of fúcking twàts like you who make the virus spread worse because you think you're too special to wear a face mask. You and your friend deserve all the KARMA that's coming to you!

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  • 1 month ago

    maybe not long if he wont stop eating so much

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