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How about them Cowboys ?

The score was 29-17 and the Dallas Cowboys were hanging in the game by the slimmest of margins. There was 7:15 left in the third quarter and the Atlanta Falcons had the ball 3rd-and-2 at the Cowboys 41-yard line. The Cowboys had regained a little momentum after taking the second half kickoff and scoring a touchdown to close a 29-10 score down.

The Cowboys rallied back from a 20-point hole by scoring 16 points in the final 5:02 of the game on Sunday at AT&T Stadium, and did so with perhaps one of the craziest endings in a regular season game in recent memory.Dallas kicker Greg Zuerlein, with the team down two points with less than two minutes left, dribbled an onside kick past five different Falcons players — all of whom just watched the ball go by — before the Cowboys recovered it, which set up a game-winning field goal just plays later.Despite the embarrassing mistake, Quinn defended his players with a long-winded response on Sunday 

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    It seems more down to the Falcons propensity for the big collapse given that they did a terrible job on the on-sides kick in addition to getting smoked late. But it was a big win for the Cowboys.

  • Since the last time The Dallas Cowboys even made it to an NFC Conference Championship Game, was in Bill Clinton's First Term. That was 26 Season's Ago. Don't you think it's a little early to be celebrating a Regular Season Win? There are after all 15 more Weeks of Regular Season Football.

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    Man offside kicks are so easy to defend, like the one in this game, so easy, these idiots don't know what to do, all the guy had to to is freaking boot it out as hard as he could to the sideline out of bounds, you don't even need to make a play on the ball, just freaking kick it or throw it out of bounds, and that's it game over.

    Also it's how about them Falcons, the Cowboys suck, they only won cause the Falcons love to choke.

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