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Afraid im starting to become a lost soul?

So im 27, live with my dad and siblings. I lived in the NYC suburbs my entire life. But its become unaffordable. We all had decent jobs but our property taxes skyrocketed to over 20k/year, decided it was time to go and get a fresh start somewhere affordable. 

 So we moved to South Florida. We love it here, have some family down here, i think its beautiful and theres lots to do. But i feel empty. I have no friends, (not like i had many true friends back in NY anyway). Dating seems to be impossible especially with this virus (but dating in NY was worse because of the stuck up unapproachable NY women). My job here is “OK”. Im not satisfied nor unsatisfied with the labor but I dont make much money especially for my age, which is definitley a turn off to women. 

I feel lost. I have nothing. No social life, no sex life. I kind of miss home but i have NO reason to miss it up there, i had no friends or family up there.. all i had was nothing but high expenses. Im getting older. Im not making much money. Not sure if i belong here. Or anywhere. No im not feeling suicidal but i dont know what the point of my life is. Im not getting any younger. Anyone ever go through this that can help?

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