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How to get a bigger butt?

When I was younger I had a really nice butt, like better than average naturally and I wasn’t chubby either. I’ve been working out consistently and I notice my butt is a lot smaller and lately I’ve been really insecure and upset.

I’m looking everywhere and there’s so many mixed signals, I don’t know if I should keep working out or stop. I just started drinking protein shakes but I don’t know if it’s enough. The last two days my butt has been sore and it’s a first to mainly feel it there. Is that a good sign? Or is my butt gonna get smaller. I’m a girl and I’ve been doing home workouts, and biking almost everyday. I just started running a well, and I’m 19.

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    squats.. Front squats. Box squats. sumo style squats. Lunges. Stiff leg dead lifts. This will work your hamstrings, quads and the glutes. Forget the protein shakes. EAT REAL FOOD!!! Chicken breast and rice. Egg whites and oatmeal. Yams. sweet potato. steamed fresh vegetables. Grilled steak. Eat several small meals a day to increase your metabolism. Lots of water!! One more option:::: Cal Kim Kardashians plastic surgean LOL

  • Imp
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    Your diet is your most important part. You should be eating 5 servings of vegetables, 147 grams of protein, between 270 and 480 grams of protein.

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