What are the laws in general regarding open carrying long guns. My state makes no mention of long guns so are they illegal to open carry?

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    4 weeks ago
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    Carry two just in case and large ammo belt wrapped around your neck and a big Pancho and call yourself the "bad hombre "

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    4 weeks ago

    In general the rule is that there is to be a "need". This means hunting or use at a target range (including competition matches).

    Often the laws state they are to be transported unloaded when not in the field or on the range.

    It can be safely assumed that if you go down the road with a rifle over your shoulder, you will be stopped and questioned by a law enforcement officer! At that point it is too late to ask.

    So when in doubt call the non-emergency number for the police or sheriff. Ask them your question.

    Let me repeat this:

    To open carry a weapon invites questions over the need for the weapon. The most common rule for having a weapon is if there is a need for the weapon. With out documented need a person puts them selves at risk for loss of the weapon and arrest.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Oh please, whatever you do don't tell us which state you live in.  Don't, whatever you do, give us any useful information.

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