Do adults watch Anime and is inappropriate at times?

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm 84 yo.  I love Anime.  One of my favorites is called "Japan Sinks."  It's on Netflix.  It's about a Japanese family and the perils and challenges it faces as Japan literally sinks into the ocean.  It appeals to me on several levels.

    First the characters are believable.  There are the mom, dad, and two siblings (brother and sister).  There are also extended family and several neighbors.  And the script is written so that the viewer gets to know and care about them all, but especially mom, dad, and the two teen aged kids.  You'll start to root for their survival as they seek refuge from the rising waters.

    Second it is written and drawn by Japanese about Japanese.  So the viewer gets an opportunity to look into Japanese culture as the Japanese see themselves.  And it isn't always pretty as in some scenes members of the family are left to die by self-serving Japanese who are looking only after themselves in survival.  But in other scenes members of the family act selflessly and sacrifice their lives to save others.  The last sacrifice made me cry, but I'll not reveal it in case you choose to watch "Japan Sinks."

    Finally, I've been through two survival camps.  And I was impressed by the writers of "Japan Sinks" because they clearly knew real survival techniques.  There is one survival scene at sea in a life boat that lasts several days of their attempt to survive.  And members of that family practice survival techniques that are straight out of a survival manual.  In fact that scene could very well be used as a survival manual to teach a survival class.

    It's a dumb title, "Japan Sinks," but despite that title it's one of the best movies/videos I've seen...ever.  I strongly recommend it, but be prepared to cry a bit.

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