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Why Do I Smell? (Serious)?

To start with, growing up I never had a problem with smell. I almost never had even BO; even after working out. I rarely needed perfumes etc. almost my whole life until now. I am 20 years old and this seemed to start, and continue on for this past year. I personally have not and do not notice any smell AT ALL. I think I either smell good or don't smell at all, I must be nose blind to it. I am a bit chubby but that's it as well. When sitting at school people would literally hold their nose near me.. and i noticed. I even had little kids tell me I smell like burnt eggs? I have no idea what it is and I never know if i smell or not. It has been killing me. I wont even stand within 6 feet of someone i am worried of them smelling me. I am also very hygenic! Every SINGLE morning I take an extensive shower and use tea tree oil and lotion on my skin and smother myself in detergent and perfume. I noticed people don't react around me right after I shower, but the smell seems to come back like 3-4 hours later. I use tea tree oil incase its a fungal thing? And if it was a yeast infection it prob wouldnt last a year. I even went to the doctors and they did a blood test for diabetes. I eat a clean diet? I dont know what else to do and this is practically ruining my life. I have no idea what it could be. If anyone could leave suggestions or help me out on what it could be, i would appreciate you FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Thanks again anyone who took the time to read this. Have a great day. 

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    highly doubt your 20 years old if you don't know that

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    Do you actually use deodorant?

    Excessive use of perfumed products can also smell offensive to many.

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