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Work Relationship Advice?

Me and a work colleague started to get imtimate over messages, then he started to not read my messages out of work & said he needed time to sort his head out. (his dad being ill & his wife leaving him last year where he bad months off with depression). Even though he told me this, he still looked at me & followed me around work. I thought he was messing me about but found out today he has now gone off with depression, & i leave the job so I wont see him before i leave. I messaged him a caring message saying sorry as I felt I had previously sent him quite a few as thought he was previously playing mind games. When i sent the nice message this morning saying sorry etc, he didn't respond saying 'leave me alone/stop pestering me' which i thought he would have done. With his not responded saying ''leave me alone/its over ' is that a good sign that he may be still interested once he has got his head & issues sorted ?? 

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    No, it's not a good sign. It's a sign that he is ignoring you. Whether that's because he's depressed or because he doesn't want to be involved with you is unknown.

    As bad as this sounds, you have no obligation to someone you have exchanged a few messages with. Find someone who doesn't have more problems than he can handle and move on with your life. You can't "save" this guy any more than you can push a rope.

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    I think you should back of for a little while and let him get his stuff together. depression is a serious thing. just wait for him to reach out to you.

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