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How do dentists remove broken molars like these? ?

Will they have to cut into my gums? 

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    Getting out the roots in totality is the end game. SOMEtimes we have to remove bone support, the bone "around" the root (cutting your gums).That is not horrible as it may seem.

     The dentist I work with seems to always cut more root than bone, avoiding damage to the gums as much as possible. The "drill" will cut the gums a bit, truly can't be avoided. SOMEtimes, the tooth must be "split", that is cut in half (as if the dark filling were to be removed and THAT tooth cut along the filling plane) or perhaps at a 90 degree angle, depending on root structure. Then the halves are easier to remove.

    It is possible (without seeing x-rays, I can't tell!!) that it is a classic textbook case tooth removal. Gripping the tooth with the forceps and just taking it out. Hope for the best. Don't drink alcohol if you take pain medicine.

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    I am getting a molar removed the dentist gave me 10 mg of valium. He told me to take it 2 hours before the procedure is that good

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    I can;t see clearly enough to know whether or not, there is enough left to attach too.  That is how they make these decisions about what they need to do. Is it still healthy and is there enough left to attach to.  Otherwise, crunch, little pieces falling all over you mouth as they eat away with it, with these specialized tools.

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