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Randomly ghosted? ?

Girl and I had plans to hang out and for me to cook her dinner, she called me. We talked for a bit and her phone cut out but she texted me wanting to know where I lived. I sent her the address so she could visit soon. I texted her a few more times and stopped as to not be annoying. She hasn’t responded in a week and a half. I haven’t texted her in a week now. We were friends prior; what have I done? 

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    Hard to say whether you've done anything. What happened to the plans to hang out and cook her dinner? If you had a date set to do that and she didn't show up, I'd say it's either over or maybe she had an accident. Maybe you did like someone I used to know... when talking on the phone maybe you talked yourself right out of that dinner date. More than once I saw my friend talk himself into a date one minute and then keep talking until the girl wanted nothing to do with him over the next 10 minutes. My suggestion? Call her, don't text, and tell her you haven't heard from her in a week and is she OK. Ask her if she still wants that home cooked dinner. If she sounds cool and stalls on the dinner, forget her and move on. If she's interested, set a definite date and time and call her the day before to let her know you have everything ready to make a nice meal and are looking forward to seeing her. You should be able to tell by what she says and the tone of her voice whether she's for real... which is why you call rather than text.

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