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Dating issues (23 year old)?

I started talking to this guy back in June, we hit it off Quickly. very flirty towards me and I was back. A month flew by and we still talked constantly so I made the first move and asked him it he Wanted to hang out and he was down. He offered to pick me up from my house, he was a whole gentleman, opened my door, didn’t let me pay for anything asked me if I wanted anything. we were in his car and he lean over and kissed me. We went back to his house and we played video games for a while and watched a movie cuddled, everything felt perfect. Our cuddle session turned into a make out session which was ok, he didn’t force me to do anything .gave me his hoodie to wear and then on our drive home he had his hand on my knee, it was Just cute. When he dropped me off we kissed a few more times and then the night ended.few days later he became distant so I asked him what’s up and it was The death anniversary of his mom so his mind wasn’t all there, I let him know I was there for him and let him grieve. He said he wanted to hang again, It’s now been a few weeks and he’s still distant if not more so I asked if he was interested still and he apologized and said he enjoyed hanging with me but hopes I find what I’m looking for and so I messaged him saying I didn’t want this to be the end, he just would message me at 9pm and then not answer until 9pm the following day but would be playing video games all night so it’s more so I was hurt. Am I wrong? I feel like I overreacted & ruined it 

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  • Robert
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    1 month ago
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    He had second thoughts and isn't interested.  From what you printed, it doesn't seem like you did anything wrong.  My guess is that he has someone else on the string and doesn't have time for you.  Sorry that it didn't work out well and that you are hurting, but in the long run you are probably better off.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ...and here is our resident "Why" troll with yet another sock puppet account.   *Yawn*

  • Jerry
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    1 month ago

    All this drama over a guy you had ONE date with? 

    When you get too serious too fast, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. It was a DATE, not a relationship. Easy come easy go. 

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