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What do you use Bratwurst sausage for? ?

I could fry them up with bell peppers and onions or grill them and slap them in a bun with kraut and other fixins but I want some more adventurous ideas. Not "How about mixing it with some durian and surströmming" adventurous but outside the norm of how I usually cook. How do you Bratwurst? All suggestions welcome, whatever ingredients I don't have I can go shopping for. 


Brats and taters does sound good. Thanks for that. B.A. will be selected when Y!A allows. 

Update 2:

@Anony After further review(checked my pantry and fridge) I'll also make some eggs and some grits. Grits and potatoes take about the same time to cook(since I prefer my grits creamy) so I do appreciate your suggestion.

Grits and taters are both heavy in the starch category but I'm out of oatmeal.

Update 3:

Thanks for all the ideas and I just bookmarked this page because I really want to try that pasta dish CB mentioned. As for today I choose brats cooked with potatoes, onions and a few cloves of sliced garlic. Over easy eggs and some creamy grits on the side. Might as well have some toast too. No butter considering the amount of fat already in the brats. Thanks Anony. 

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    I don't use sausage links a whole lot, but when I do, it often finds it's way into some kind of a pasta dish. 

    In cooler weather, brats are good with potatoes.  Mashed, boiled or even some kind of potato-brat baked casserole. 

    Brats can be good in soup too.   Cabbage, potato, sausage...

    Try it for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) in an egg dish...shirred eggs or quiche...bell pepper, onion, brats...

  • I've been poaching then browning them, then serving with any combination of braised leeks, fennel, endive, cabbage, shallots along with a creamy mustard-sherry sauce on top of some sort of puree (potato and/or winter squash and/or root veg and/or cauliflower. It's easy and delicious. And looks pretty fancy too!

    The picture is fennel and leeks on a potato/yellow cauliflower puree.

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  • CB
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    2 months ago

    Fully cooked links sliced on the bias and browned, with pepper and onions, make a bechemel sauce with some Parmesan and a good pinch of fresh ground nutmeg and some finely chopped fresh rosemary or thyme. Ladle sauce over pasta of your choice top with brats and vegetables. (if you wanted to saute butternut squash with the meat veggies that would work well too or butternut on it's own with the brats would work - lots of options).

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