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Identify if the essay is a good thesis statement or not. Explain why?

Batman, Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman— these are famous superheroes that have kept their words safe, but they have also helped our world. The idea of superheroes has greatly benefited society by giving them creativity, confidence, and courage. Children usually dress up as superheroes during Halloween, or even on a regular basis. They do this not simply because they find their costumes, gadgets, superpowers cool, but also because they look up to these superheroes as role models. There must be something more than gadgets for these kids to admire superheroes and not super villains. The reason is because these superheroes are good. Not only do they fight the bad guys, but they also have the capability of bringing out the best of us. This essay will discuss the history of superheroes, the difference between superheroes and other fictional characters, and how all these things have positively affected society. (Suarez, 2012)

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    I would say not. It is largely narrative and far too general. It should have some clear intent to investigate. Also does illustrating impossibly muscled beings really benefit society if it contributes to body dysmorphia amongst its male readers. 

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