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Can the mum of a girl I fancy tell I fancy her daughter she known me since childhood her daughter 26 and has a BF I am 27?

I have Autism/Aspergers I am 27 years old and her26. I told the mum the BF was a lucky guy to have Kate as a girlfriend she smiled the mum has known me since childhood and she knew my mum from her childhood they grew up near each other.

The mum then said smiling maybe I should make an effort hook you two up for her school graduation dance instead of her current BF she taps on the shoulder saying your lovely guy and any girl lucky have as BF. I knew girl her mum family since I was a child as we are neighbours.


Anonymous your hatred for Autistic people is quite sad really why don't you go kill yourself horrible person.

Update 2:

Madeline yes unlikely she might be a not nice girl now just because she beautiful sexy doesn't mean she nice girl.

Update 3:

9 like for anonymous god lot hatred towards Autistic people very sad people we never do anything to hurt you neurotypicals.

Update 4:

Anonymous I can give Kate more pleasure and love then her BF can

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    Don't hold your breath waiting for that hookup, it's never going to happen.

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    She hates you, joker/spider-man/whatever your username is today. She does not want to hook you up with her beautiful, neurotypical daughter. She LIKES the jock dating her daughter.

    She was being polite to you, but you, being an autistic freak, can't tell the difference between polite conversation with a person you hate and the truth.

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