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Poll: What’s your ideal brunch like and where would you eat it? ?

Mine is all the mimosas I can have with like 2 sandwich sized salmon inside in a puff pastry, a nice simple plate of Caesar salad, half a chicken, a few gammon and mustard sandwiches and i would eat it in a nice white table outside in a garden. 

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    Good timing for just yesterday AM I had the ideal brunch.

    First I enjoyed it with my neighbor and friend Russ.  And the venue was the Lake Chalet restaurant that sits out on a lovely lake surrounded by walking and biking paths, trees, and picnic areas.  

    The weather was warm but not hot and the air was fresh.  We sat outside and watched the pelicans, loonies, and Canada Geese fly and swim back and forth across the lake.  And kayakers paddled along atop the smooth lake surface.

    For appetizers he had melons and prosciutto, and I had warm cooked to order beignets.  For entree he had Chesapeake Crab eggs Benedict and I had the original eggs Benedict with pork loin.  We each had Bloody Marys.

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    For brunch, a small handful of cashews will be enough.

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