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Is breaking up fair now? ?

This is a new relationship. The first 3-4 months. The guy I’m seeing is extremely busy. He works two jobs. And is trying to get his company started up. I find this to be great. He is a go getter and very ambitious. I’m not as busy, but my job can be demanding at times.

I feel as if he doesn’t have the time to be present in a relationship. There are other things that take priority and I understand. But I will not be put in a position where I’m having to fight for his attention. I’m not needy. I can give a man space and take a step back. It’s not unusual for us to only see each other 1-2 times a week. It’s also not unusual to only talk every 2-3 days. And when I say talk, I mean 3-4 very short texts.  I don’t feel like I am demanding a lot of his time. I am noticing when I do text him, it takes half the day before he gets back to me. Maybe the next. And it’s starting to get under my skin. Not saying I need a text every 5 minutes but at least an acknowledgement that I do step back and should warrant a quicker response on some occasions. After my last text took all day to get a response, I found myself turned off. I feel as if I need to make too many concessions to compromise. 

He slept through my birthday plans. He made it up to me later but it was too late.

Do you think I’m being unreasonable? He is not available during the week as is and has just now accepted a new project that will keep him out of town over the weekend. Is breaking it off fair? I need someone more available

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    if you really can't see a future with him, then end it. Maybe things will slow down in the next couple months, maybe not. Either way, if you crave a man's attention more than anything, if he's not giving it to you, then you gotta do what you gotta do.

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    He is busy, you are not number one, and will not be for a long time to come. You knew this,just move on.

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    You are being unreasonable. It is unreasonable to attach yourself romantically to any man who's starting up a business.  You have to know that it will take 110% of his time and effort.  If you want a man who will spend time with you regularly, don't go after a man who is obsessed with his work or profession.

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    Your last line says it NEED someone more available. 

    He's a busy guy, and you want more attention. 

    You do what you gotta do..........but it sounds like he's busy leading his life- 

    better than dating some loser with no goals. 

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