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So I was painting with puffy paint and a couple days later I see dry puffy paint on my wall and I try to peel it off and it peeled off the tan paint underneath. I put a poster over it but it’s in a low spot so it can’t be a permanent solution. The spot is completely stripped on the paint and I don’t know what to do. I can try to find the same paint color in the basement but we have a lot of different paint colors in our house that look very similar. Should I try to find the paint bucket when my parents aren’t home or should I scrape the ruined paint job even more to disguise the dripping pattern and say that I just put tape on the wall and when I pulled it off it ripped the paint off? I’m not allowed to paint in my room so I’d be in trouble if I told them the truth that I was painting. What should I do? Any advice or suggestions?


My parents will be less upset if I messed up the wall with tape than with paint and they will be able to repaint it anyways I just don’t want to get in trouble 

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  • 1 month ago
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    TAke the chip you pulled off to Lowes or Home Depot. Ask them to use their optical readers to match the color.  Then buy one of their small sampler bottles (about $3.50) and have it matched.  this will be more than enough to touch up the spot, even twice. Purchase a 'chip brush' (disposable cheap brushes) while there and you will have everything you need to fix the problem. 

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  • 1 month ago

    So if you do further damage to the wall and then say it was because of tape on a poster your parents will not be upset with you?  But if you tell them the damage was from getting so puffy paint on the wall and you wanted to get it fixed without further damage they will be upset with you?

    Hopefully you realize that makes no sense.

    Just be honest.  Tell your parents you accidentally got some paint on the wall and need help fixing it.  

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