so ive been dating this guy for 1 yr alrdy and i love him but im also in love with my best friend ive known my bsf for 5 years what do i do?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Clarissa, if you're really sixteen, you are entirely too young to do much of anything about this "dilemma".  You are just barely, almost, reaching the age where dating and experiencing new relationships with others will be okay.  That you are already "dating" says something about your parents' judgement, or lack thereof.  What you should do , really, is de-emphasize dating, join in lots of social group activities, and not worry about this .  You've got a whole lot of living ahead of you, and my prediction is that in time, you will have outgrown or otherwise moved on from both of these boys anyway, in search of new and greener pastures. Meanwhile, there's school, family, and your own personal growth to occupy you, good luck and good wishes. 

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