What is having fun or enjoyment on Yahoo! Answer with full of arguments and politics that having interest to majority of people?

How do we explain about Yahoo! Answer? What is the meaning of it?

In the past history of Yahoo! Answer, was just asking for information and also it was entertainment. Now, what do I describe Answer Yahoo!? It is just like 2016 Tumblr, or 2020 Twitter that ruins the fans of politics and no longer an enjoyment that relieve stress make us happy. Are they want arguments? I don’t know what’s the use of “ask” button for me. For me, it is just like for entertainment when I am asking something and for little bit help of school activity. I don’t always or mostly do “ask” button rather in the last 2 years use of usage, or last time. 

At least I can see the enjoyment and memes on YouTube but it is not relevant, FAD, and trending anymore of today’s, monthly, or even yearly. FaceBook aren’t using mostly teenagers for fun, Pet Society and other games are just deleted on this social media. Maybe it is up to Twitter, Discord, Stream, and other that will not influence by this full of stress and arguments. Not sure, but politics is not always a thing, we need it for what time we need. 

The arguments that we need to solve is about feminism problem in Africa, Middle East, and even the world. How Bible relate on Leviticus of the problem in homosexuality and sexuality and share to people. And today that we need action or argue with it. But that question is not “mostly” related to comedy, video games, travels, etc. so we need to be more careful and other enjoyment genre will not influence it. 


So, what do you think about Yahoo! Answer? How do we solve this situation? Does having fun or to enjoy something we like gonna be end by endless argument? I hope it doesn’t ruin one thing that we enjoy and genre that we having fun. Am I alone here? I hope you understand now. And thank you for answering and communicate with me, even reading this question, I appreciate it.

Update 2:

And I am sorry if there is something wrong, the miss communication, my mistakes, my misunderstanding and other problem that I want and need to apologize. Just inform me if something problem on this question. 

Update 5:


Update 6:

Stop canceling culture.

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