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I need some advice on my situation. Does sarah not care anymore? She tells me she loves me..?

So, I have a friend group. This kid named curt introduced me to his friend, sarah. Last year, me and sarah became really, really close and she sent me a letter on why I meant the world to her. This year, I got my phone taken away, and that was the reason for me being distant. But, before that happened, I noticed sarah not talking to me. And I noticed her being a little rude when I asked her “why she was awake so late” and she said “lol no”. I randomly messaged her one day “hi” and she automatically says “I’m sorry”. And I think I know why. She doesn’t explain why she said that. I decide to message her again, asking her “hey can I talk to you about something” she says “ofc i always have my phone on me. She helps me out with my problem and tells me she loves me “I love you”. And then this week, I send her a text and she has not replied for two days.. I really don’t know if she’s afraid to talk to me.. I really want to know what happened. Curt is being very rude as well bc he’s mad I disappeared. But sarah, I know she wants to talk to me I just don’t know why.. should I get answers from curt? How should I play this situation out.(btw Curt is a little kid, he’s 12) and I’m like his protector, the one who helps him out cause I’m a lot older.

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    Sarah still cares about you.  There are many reasons why people don't respond quickly to texts.  Your assumption that she is "afraid" .  For example maybe what happened to you happened to her, that her parents took her phone.

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