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why do I have to diet to look good and my friends don't?

okay so let me start off my saying, I really love the way my body looks right now. im 5' 5" and weigh 115 and I think it looks good on my small frame. occasionally if I have events and things or for the summer reason I'll try to drop to 110 but mostly im around 115lbs

however, what gets me is that I have to always diet and watch what I eat to look this good. I have a group of close friends and theyre all between 5'2 and 5'7 and all weigh less than 125 and theyre really pretty. my friends and I all workout together for around 1 hr everyday to keep fit. But then, they eat like chips, cookies, steak, hamburgers, literally anything they want and keep snacking all day long. And they never gain any weight and their bodies just stay skinny. Meanwhile, I skip lunch and don’t snack at all and just chew gum all day and then have a small dinner so that i don’t gain any weight. When we go out they'll get like ribs or something and then I get the side salad with no dressing and still end up not eating all of it because otherwise I’ll get bloated. I mean, I do have a nice body but it’s so annoying how are they able to literally consume EVERYTHING and still looks so thin and meanwhile for me to look good I can barely eat anything. Does anyone relate?

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    Everyone is different. Everyone's body has a different metabolism (due to body composition, genetics, or both), people have different body compositions (more muscle or fat than someone else), people have different health issues or medications that may help or hinder maintaining a healthy weight, etc.


    Also note that skipping meals and consuming a very low # of calories can lead to muscle loss, which leads to a slowed metabolism. Your diet practices may well be causing your problem of finding it more difficult to lose or maintain your weight, than your friends. 

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    girl me too I swear I'm always literally starving myself just so my body looks okay and I don't gain weight. but what I've noticed is its actually pretty common amongst all my friends and stuff. since we don't have time to workout its easier to just not eat so our stomachs stay small...I'll only really eat a lot if there's an event or something otherwise everyday its coffee, a piece of fruit, and maybe if im really hungry some toast (and alcohol when I go out)

    the hardest is for me when during the summer I want to look fit so I have to workout a bit as well to take in my waist because there's nothing worse than being in your bikini at the beach and when you sit down your stomach isn't fully flat

    but yeah its like in order to continue fitting into my own clothes I have to always be dieting otherwise if I eat I get bloated and my jeans just wont button or my dresses wont zip up

    im 19 and 5'6" and 110 lbs (although I try to get thinner in the summer) and size 0 (or 00 on a good day/when I fast)

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