Are Western parents not strict enough these days?

It seems that every generation since the boomers have gotten progressively more 'hands-off' and indifferent in their parenting. Parents these days spoil kids and seem to be afraid to say no to them. Also parents allow their kids onto social media and internet in general at very young ages, the result of this is children seeing content that they shouldn't see and growing up way too fast. Some parents don't discipline their children at all, so these kids don't have to push boundaries, the boundaries don't even exist!

My mother wasn't that strict either compared to her mother. I was allowed to wear miniskirts at age only 12 and go out most places galavanting with my friends, sometimes coming home quite late. 

Has parenting swung from too strict to not strict enough?

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    Not really, each generation of parents has had to adapt from how they were parented and make decisions. It's bull that parents are "hand's off", over 90% of American children are spanked or otherwise hit as a form of discipline... a form that we know from countless studies is harmful and doesn't prevent children from continuing to act out and wind up turning into offenders. 100% of people convicted of violent crimes were punished through corporal punishment as children. What people aren't understanding is that you can discipline without hitting... it's called discipleship, which is where the word discipline comes from. That means having boundaries and expectations, and consequences that make sense: for instance, if my son chooses to watch a YouTube video with bad language and inappropriate content, he no longer gets to watch videos on YouTube. As for media and internet, you are right, children use these items from a young age, if they aren't exposed before age 5 years, then they will be the moment they enter kindergarten because schools are using the technology from day one. We have to know how to use it though and use it wisely. We also live in a society that values earning and independence... and one that doesn't take very good care of it's citizens. I've worked in a daycare before and children as young as 6 weeks old may be dropped off the moment the center opens at 6:30 am and not picked up until 6:30 pm, 5 days a week because their parents both have to work in order to live. We cannot blame parents or teachers or care providers for what the government has decided is important. 

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    I live in the USA but yeah I've noticed that some parents in the USA don't discipline their kids properly. This doesn't apply to all parents but some of them either don't discipline their kids properly or they don't discipline them at all because they're afraid that their kids will grow up hating them. As for social media, well as long as they aren't spending too much of their time on it, I'd say it's perfectly fine if they're 13 or older to use social media. However I definitely agree that some parents in general these days aren't strict enough with their kids.

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    Absolutely and not just with the parents but in our schools too. Discipline is almost non existent these days. That’s how kids learn to be responsible and that there are consequences for their actions.  A lot of kids today are so entitled that they think they can do anything and with a little bit of whining or tantrums,  they won’t be held responsible.  Without discipline kids don’t do as well in school either.   What do you think this country’s future will look like with kids like this?   They will need a nanny government to take care of them.   Maybe that’s been the plan all along.  

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