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My neighbor suggested that I buy a riding lawn mower, should I? ?

My neighbor has two riding lawn mowers, one that is never run and he claims there is something wrong with it, and another one that runs. 

He suggest that I buy one. Should I? 

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    You should buy a mower because you actually need/want one, not because your neighbor says you should. If you do want one, have a mechanic check it out first, give it a test run, and check online to see how much that make/model sells for used. You wanna make sure you’re getting a good deal. Generally, I’d avoid buying from a neighbor. You have to continue to live next to him. If the mower turns out to be a piece of crap, it will cause a lot of tension between you and unpleasantness at your house. Just think about all those things before you decide to buy it. 

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    Same as buying a used car. You want to take it for a test drive don't you?

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