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What laser pointer would fit the description I'm looking for?

Hello, I've been thinking about getting a laser pointer for some time just for the fun of it. I wanted one that was powerful enough to see from around a couple hundred feet away, but not so much that it can burn through things or damage someone's eyesight terribly, since I'm sure most laser pointers could do damage if given enough time and I'm not planning on pointing it in people's eyes anyway. I looked on this one website called and it seemed legit but theres so many things that I have no clue about, for example stuff like 10000mW, Laser 301, 450nm, batteries, and classes. Can anyone help me determine what to look for? I'm also hoping what I'm looking for doesn't cost too much, maybe $30-$40 max, just a simple laser pointer.

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    10,000 mW is ten watts --- MUCH more powerful 

    than any laser you or I can legally obtain,   

    and far more powerful that anyone should need. 


    450 nm is the wavelength of the light it emits, 

    right at the boundary between blue and violet.    


    What you should be looking for is a red laser (650 to 700 nm),  

    and any common laser pointer should be visible from a few hundred feet at night.   


    In daylight, forget it --- no laser of any colour or strength would be visible 

    unless it was seen straight-on, and that is Very dangerous. .    


    Even a common, cheap, legal laser pointer can INSTANTLY damage vision    

    if it shines directly into an eye, and distance is no protection against it.    


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