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Leather cleaning advice please?

Wore my leather boots to a very muddy corn maze. How can I safely clean without ruining them so they are black & shiny again?

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    Wait for the mud to dry completely and much will fall off when you shake the boots. Use a soft brush or soft cleaning cloth to gently brush off more of the dry mud. mud. When I need to clean leather I use cleaners made for leather such as saddle soap.  When I don't have that then I use dish liquid and warm water. Use a soft cloth and warm water and soap away the mud. Don't press hard -that grinds in some fine dusts and it can scrape the leather. Use a toothbrush to clean along the soles and and the little areas like around the buckles and seams. Let the boots dry. Apply mink oil with a cotton ball to re-condition the leather. The mink oil will also remove any remaining dirt. Mink oil will also make the boots a bit more water and dirt resistant. Let the oil sink in overnight. After use a highly pigmented wax polish to bring back the color. I prefer using polish after reconditioning the leather. Soft clean leather absorbs more color than leather with traces of dirt.  If you can't find mink oil at a shoe store or shoe repair shop then use baby oil or -even better - Avon's skin so soft bath oil. My cowboy cousin from Alberta uses skin so soft on dry leather and swears by it. If the boots are still cloudy looking even after a high pigment polish then they might need professional help. A shoe repair guy can use a stronger cleaner and touch up the dye. The shoe place will also buff the up to whatever level of shine you want. 

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    Holy **** that is the dirtiest pair of shoes I have ever seen!!!!

    Good lord, how did you get yourself into this mess!?!?!?

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    Wow! Those are some nice boots that you got really muddy. 

    Carefully wash them with mild soap & water. Be sure to dry them with a soft towel. After that apply some mink oil or even vasoline to shine them up. Good luck!

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    Get some saddle soap.  It is sold where shoe polishes are sold.

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    Wash with plenty of warm water with a little dishwashing soap. Leave to dry then polish with good quality shoe polish.

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