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Are you addicted to R&S and yahoo answers?

Otherwise, why do you use this when there better modern social media apps available to discuss religion, politics and other issues?

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    It used to be much better, informative as well as funny (if that is what you wanted).

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    1 month ago

    Lord Shadowfire is my big dick daddy.

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    Such as?       

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    To become addicted of something is to cause harm and badness to oneself, but to questions and answers in R&S in Yahoo answers has not done any of such a thing , but on the contrary you can express your world views to the people concerned by exchanging of our thought and views, so why  worried for others.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, I am. I should really make an effort to kick the habit.

  • Why is all-inclusive.

  • yesmar
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    1 month ago

    "Better" is just an opinion, neighbor. This app allows for simple questions and answers.  For most topics, it works just fine.

  • I'm not an employee like TE, Yahoo Answers offers the opportunity to discuss in the R&D section of Religion, which you created, to give the answers to users. In fact, I have the record of answers, I have never done with my Nickname no questions.

    What you said about social, it's NOT true, when someone says things other than their questions, they don't let them in anymore, since you have to subscribe to their website.

    Now go back to sleep, it's still early to ask questions!

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