Replacement tweeter for Fidek tower speaker?

I received a Fidek FHS-252 from a friend which he had no need for. Unfortunately, the right side tweeters didn't work and I got one repaired. When I removed the other working side tweeter it was a nightmare inside. There was some cone tweeter underneath the shell of the dome tweeter. The original tweeter is missing a magnet. Is there any way to find replacement magnets for these tweeters. If not I wouldn't mind finding tweeters that fit there from a different brand.

What will be your suggestions...? Should I look for two of the same replacement tweeters or try to find a magnet to fix the original?

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1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I would replace the tweeters with new ones. I like piezo electric tweeters. Pick a set with the same power handling or better than the originals and the same impedance.

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