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Can you prevent STDs without a condom? ?

I’m curious if it’s possible to prevent STDs without a condom. I’m a male and sometimes get tempted to have sex without a condom. I know it’s bad, but things just happen in the heat of the moment. I’d like to  know if it’s possible to prevent STDs with a pill or something else besides condoms.

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  • No, there's nothing out there that will prevent you from getting an std. If both of you are std free, you shouldn't contract an std from each other. .

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    Avoid sex with people who have the STDs. If you don't know who the other has been with in the past then don't have sex. It's partly a matter of trust, and just plain common sense.

    No pills, no vaccines against them. Some have treatments that can eliminate the STD, but you can always catch it again, so tough.

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    The ONLY sure way to avoid an STD is not to have sex or other close personal contact.  Even with a condom some STDS can be transmitted, there is no pill to take to prevent the vast majority of STDS, there are vaccines for a few. Some have cures after the fact and some do not. 

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