Volkswagen Golf mk6 code P0106?

To be totally honest I've had this code for a year now and it's defined by a sudden thud when stopping the vehicle (I think its because the transmission shifts into first rough because when in sport mode the thud is no longer there but the shift into first is harsh and is followed by a small jump in RPM). I recently replaced the MAP sensor and the issue is the same. What could be causing this issue and how can I fix it? Thank You!

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  • Geo
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    4 weeks ago
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    Check your Motor and Transmission Mounts and your Engine Vacuum. Have someone look at the engine and go between Neutral and Drive and Neutral and Reverse and see how much the engine moves. If you don't have a Vacuum Gauge, buy one...they're cheap. Did you check for 5V at the MAP connector? That's important. Lastly, high idle rpms will cause harsh shifting.

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