Plan B one day after my ovulation ended?

Hi I had sex on the 14th , my ovulation date on flo ended on the 13th , I took a plan B the same day on the 14th around 1 pm we had sex at 10 am .. I’m having my pre cycle normal symptoms, cramping , irritated boobs , mad for no reason and lots of discharge ... very tired it is now Sunday the 21st and my period is supposed to start anywhere from the ( 24th-30th the flow app said )  could I be pregnant or is this the plan b or me worrying ??? Or my normal cycle symptoms  ???


I meant to put we had unprotected sex btw. 

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    If you took Plan B within 24 hours of unprotected sex, it is very unlikely that you are pregnant.  Plan B is very effective in preventing both ovulation and implantation.  It is also a massive dose of hormones that can have significant side effects.

    There are really no pregnancy symptoms 10 days after sex, so even if you were pregnant your mood swings, cramping, and sore boobs wouldn't be from pregnancy.

    Those sound like PMS symptoms. 

    As Jill noted, apps and calculators provide an estimated day/date of ovulation.  There is no way to be certain that you did or didn't ovulate when the app said it was likely.  

    Your best option at this point is to contact your ob/gyn to discuss your symptoms, when you can test for pregnancy, the possible impact of taking Plan B, and, of course, options for birth control.

  • Jill
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    1 month ago

    The dates on your app are only estimates based on your past history. It cannot tell you when you actually ovulate - which is a split second occurrence. 

    If you had already ovulated before you took Plan B then you could be pregnant. The only way to know is to wait and see if your period comes or not. If not, then test for pregnancy. But keep in mind that Plan B can have side effects and your period might be early or late and be heavier or lighter than usual. 

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