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Why is my boyfriend acting like this :( need advice ?

So I been with my bf for over a year... this past month has been different... His son is living with him now so I understand that he is spending time with his teenage son . However it’s already going on 4 weeks that I haven’t even spend time with my bf on the weekends. He never here during the week since he works out of town.... and he usually has to stay out there...  so the only time I would be able to see him is on the weekends.. During the weekends he doesn’t even make any plans to see me.  Atleast for a couple hours.... Also, he hardly calls me anymore. He doesn’t really call me in the weekends.. the only time he does call me a lot is when he’s out of town..... Today he called me, he told me he was barbecuing  with his cousins and son... he asked if I can make them something . So there I go and I made them a side dish... I assumed maybe he was going to invite me over... well no, I go over there and he doesn’t tell me to come down. So, I dropped it off and he tells me that he will call me when the food is ready so he can take me some....  well I go home... I haven’t heard from him since then... I feel like I’m being taken advantage and I feel like this isn’t how a relationship should be like :( I’m heartbroken . I feel used... like I wasted a whole year for him to treat me like this.. this has never happened before until now. 

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    That sounds like you don't feel happy in that situation. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Time for you to talk to him about the entire relationship. Either it improves and includes you , or you move on.

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