Subtle thing to say when my mom keeps bringing up my sister?

I decided I don't want my sister to be mentioned by her anymore. She didn't text me on my birthday after criticizing me for not being sentimental, she never fails to be a hypocrite. Every time I talk to my mom she mentions her, but I can't tell her directly because she will tell my sister I said that and it will blow up into family drama. I just want something subtle to say to my mom to remind her that she doesn't need to mention my sister every time we talk. I don't have bad feelings towards her it's just we are different people and have grown apart. 


Yes that's brilliant, that's what I'll do

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    1 month ago
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    I would try and change the subject. You could pretend to remember something you had "forgot" to tell her. Or think of something from the news and start talking about that. If you're a student mention something about your classes. It's easy to do, I do it all the time. 

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