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if i publish a website using shopify can I call myself a developer ?

i managed to find a good theme and then I somehow managed to get it working and ive made a website.   if i knew that's all there ever was to making a website, I'd have done this way sooner.  

what a scam,  so many people are doing jobs and earning 6 figure sums yearly to just that.  pick a theme,  jazz it up, slap on a few videos and hey presto - a website!

im changing career from sales to web development now.  i have acquire all i need to know about web design and web development.

any extra things i ought to know before jumping ship ?

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  • Me M
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    4 weeks ago

    No, you cannot call yourself a developer unless you also want to be called a scam artist. Building a website with shopify doesn't make you any more of a developer than replying to an email in gmail does. Both are web apps written by developers to make it easy for the average person to accomplish tasks with little knowledge of computers. Building a site with a tool like Shopify doesn't make you a developer... it means that the developers that work for Shopify are skilled enough to let you think you did something impressive.

  • 1 month ago

    Better to say you're a 'shopify developer', in that you will be limited to whatever features are offered there. There is a market there, but from your post it sounds like you're still a novice, so I suggest you approach customers with low expectations as you build your skills. Good luck to you.

  • Chris
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Absolutely the hell not. A developer is somebody who has mastered at the very least one programming language.

    You won't be doing anyone any favors, including yourself, since clients / employers will immediately expect you to do things you can in no way deliver.

    In my opinion you shouldn't even offer to make shopify sites for other people.

  • 1 month ago

    As a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores. A development store is a free Shopify account that comes with a few limitations. You can use a development store to test any themes or apps that you create, or to set up a Shopify account for a client.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You are right people are always making things more complicated. Like you can create anything now without even thinking much.

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