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Sam asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 4 weeks ago

If the Enlightenment was good, why did it inspire such bad things as the French Revolution, Socialism, Fascism and Nazism?

These barbarities were inspired by the Enlightenment.


Karl Marx was inspired by the French Revolution.

Stanley Payne, professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, stated in his book A History of Facism 1914-1945, that the ideas of Fascism and Nazism came from the Enlightenment (p. 8, 203).

Update 2:

You should read The Black Book of the French Revolution. It was written by several scholars and historians who made an impartial analysis of the topic, demonstrating that the French Revolution was full of despotism, cruelty and arbitrariness. In practice, it was far from a struggle for "freedom, equality and fraternity".

Robespierre, for example, was a tyrant dictator who can be considered the prototype of all the dictators who came afterwards.

Update 3:

I'm not a American republican. I am a Brazilian conservative.

Update 4:

My dear, I am not promoting monarchism. I am only criticizing the influences of the Enlightenment.

And several scholars and historians have already challenged the notion that Fascism and Nazism were right-wing movements. Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, James Laqueur, Jonah Goldberg, Anthony James Gregor, Dinesh D'Souza, Stanley Payne and several others. They brought together several reasons why Fascism and Nazism cannot be considered right-wing movements.

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    4 weeks ago

    As opposed to what? ... tyrannical monarchy. The Age gave people choices. It gave us typical Constitutional democracy w/ moderate opposing factions of liberalism and conservatism which is pervasive around the world today. The Revolutions were good. 

    Liberalism first became a distinct political movement during the Age of Enlightenment, when it became popular among philosophers and economists in the Western world. Liberalism rejected the prevailing social and political norms of hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy, and the Divine Right of Kings. Leaders in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the American Revolution of 1776, and the French Revolution of 1789 used liberal philosophy to justify the armed overthrow of royal tyranny.

    Fascist Italy, communist USSR and Nazi Germany were extensions of monarchism  w/ a dictator. All were examples of extreme politics heavily influenced by one evil person. That's what can happen when 1 person has too much power ... like a monarch.

    You sound like an American republican to me.


    You're conservative ... how did I know? Monarchism is one tick away f/ conservatism which is one tick away f/ the middle. You're promoting monarchism.

    F/ left to right, anarchism, communism, socialism, liberalism < | >  conservatism, monarchism, nazism, fascism. Just because one is left wing lib doesn't mean they support communism any more than a right wing con supporting nazism.

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