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How can I thicken my hair? (Thinning from hypothyroidism) ?

Hey guys! So I’ve been dealing with my hair thinning over the past few years. I’m 21 years old, I have a healthy diet and exercise. I do have hypothyroidism, however My dose is currently correct. I am also taking vitamin D and iron. I’ve recently switched to a sulfate free shampoo as well. I was just wondering if anyone knew any other tricks or products that could help with the process. Maybe a type of oil? Thanks for the help guys, it’s really stressful to be balding at my age. I literally have to use hair powder in order to hide the thinning, I can’t leave the house without my hair powder, or even do half the hair styles I’d like to because of the thinning. I just want one less problem to deal with, my moms always going off on me because she has more hair than I do. So please if anyone has anything they can suggest I’d love that! Thank you 

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