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Help with Latin- declining servus liber?

I turned in an assignment and my teacher just told me it was wrong, could someone please help correct me? 

Question: "Decline ager bonus and servus liber. Use the same format as the declension of deus sacer in the lesson. Remember to label the cases."My answer: SINGULAR

nom.: servus liber 

gen.: servi libri 

dat.: servo libro 

acc.: servum librum 

abl.: servo libro 


nom.: servi libri 

gen.: servorum librorum 

dat.: servis libris 

acc.: servos libros 

abl.: servis libris 

What my teacher replied: "Please provide the correct Latin stem and ending for "liber, libera, liberum" and resubmit for a higher grade."

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    You're declining liber as if it were the noun meaning "book", in which you drop the "e" in the inflected cases. The stem used there is "libr-" (as in "library", where you find books).

    "Liber", the adjective, meaning "free", KEEPS the "e" in all declined forms. "Liberi, libero," etc. The stem used here is "liber-" (as in "liberty", meaning "freedom").

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