I'm actually glad that the gop is replacing the Supreme Court justices?

Here's why..

So that if Trump loses the election..

The replacement won't be a neo communist revolution...

There won't be a..

Hey, who thinks second amendment protects only the military ?

I I I I I I I and I and I.. Bang !

Hey, who thinks the majority age should be 150 ?

I I I I I I I I and I bang !

Hey, who thinks that Norway's system is a good model for America ?

I I I I I I I, I and I bang !

Hey, who thinks we should shut down America because a few opinions based solely on the virus with no other expertise and experience or understanding or care given ?

I I I I I I I I and I bang !


1 Answer

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Wonder what you'll be saying if, as promised, a Dem majority House and Senate stack the court with two more Justices to erase this GOP majority SCOTUS you're envisioning. Already on the table should there be a DNC sweep is granting/forcing statehood onto WashDC and Puerto Rico = four more left leaning Senators and a slew of left leaning Housemembers and other acts that would forever change the playing field. Looking at it as just one last gasp that'll make things right forever is kind of shortsighted. 

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