I will never ever have a woman with whom to listen to my collection of classical, rock, metal music records. What can I do ?

I am a man 37 years old, and no woman likes me

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  • Read my screen name. I absolutely love heavy metal music. All kinds from classic rock and roll, to 90s grunge to nu metal, death metal even Indian street metal. Female metal heads do exist. 🤘🎵🎧🖤

  • 1 month ago

    If you are looking to meet women, a poorly played guitar works a lot better than well preserved vinyl.

  • 1 month ago

    You've missed out.

    Sharing music is a teenage thing and boy was I lucky.

    I had a girl who I eventually married we met as (me 13,her 14)teenagers.

    And we obsessed over New Order, Joy Division, The Wake,Stockholm Monsters and especially on her part U2 and REM and Talk Talk.

    Having said that we split when I was a similar age to you and I will never share my music again but don't despair pal.(There is always someone out there for everyone)

  • dman63
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    1 month ago

    Don’t give up.  There’s plenty of women out there who would appreciate your choice of music, or who would still respect it even if it wasn’t their personal favourite.  

    Source(s): My wife enjoys my classic rock collection.
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  • Are you looking for a partner that specifically shares your music tastes?  I am an absolute obsessive when it comes to music and own around 4000 albums,  I listen to music from dawn till dusk and I'm married to someone who cares very little for music actually dislikes a lot of my favourite artists but we are happy.  To be honest it's kind of a blessing as we would always clash about what to listen to!

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