Ease Anxiety about my Job?

I've been working at a local grocery store for 6 weeks now, part-time (I'm in high school) and I was over the moon when I got it. So excited to be making money and have a first job. However, I get incredibly anxious or stressed leading up to my shifts. It's hard to describe but I worry about everything possible that could go wrong. Disappointing my manager, putting in the wrong produce code and overcharging, making a shopper any etc. However when I'm actually at the register working, I'm completely fine, no worries, I'm confident and content. When my shift is over I'm thrilled but starting to dread my next shift. I'm not a very anxious person so this is the first time I've really worried and over thought about something. It's important to me that I find a way to combat this since I'm working 3 times a week for the next few years and with school, I can't worry about stressing over the unnecessary. Any help is appreciated!  

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  • 1 month ago

    Learn stress management techniques, such as breathing. When you find yourself making such ridiculous mind-games, tell your brain "STOP!" Considering you have been on the job a short time, it appears you are doing okay, so just STOP with reckless & futile mind-games. Your brain is yours, and totally under your control. 

  • 28AKO
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    1 month ago

    relaxed, you'll be great at what u do, just pray before your shift and think positive. Be respectful and kind to all customers even when they're impatient and disrespectful

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    move to mental health. SMH

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