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Birth Control Questions?

So my girlfriend and I are from Canada and want to go on birth control but we both have strict my parents. My girlfriend has OHIP but is covered by her mom. If she uses her health card to get birth control, is her mom able to find out when she used it? And is birth control difficult to obtain in Canada? We’re unsure about the process and are scared to go to a health clinic (maybe it’s just the stigma towards it). Would really appreciate! thankss

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  • Liz
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    4 weeks ago

    I would call your public health unit. I know the one near me has a clinic for younger people to help with birth control and testing and treatment of stis. Usually birth control is provided at low or not cost through these programs and are confidential. 

    She is able to make an appointment with her family doctor and the doctor is not able to tell her mom about her treatment and why she came in. However If she is covered under her mom’s medication coverage then her mom may be able to find out what prescriptions she has filled from that appointment unless she pays for it herself. 

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