Question about independent music labels ?

Hey all,

I am new to sending songs to labels. I have been producing for 4 or 5 years now. I sent a song to a label and the label owner replied to me and told me he loved my song, the first email I received says “I love this track!, I’m checking this with my head of a&r”, which I responded “thank you so much, can’t wait to hear back from you” I only responded to the first email he sent to me and he’s just messaged me 7 or 8 days later he has sent me a message saying “Checking with A&R”, in which looking at the conversation it’s his reply to my previous message saying which I just mentioned. 

With a&r and I replied thank you but haven’t messaged again since. 

I understand it may be a busy label and I am in no rush to release or anything. I am just confused what the owner meant in the first place by this and if I should expect a reply if I am accepted or not?.

Side note: The label is an edm label which has around 100,000 followers

Thanks in advance.

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