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How do I fix this CD?

When I play other CD’s, they work. This one doesn’t work. How do I fix it?

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  • khalil
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    3 months ago

    maybe your player does not support its format.

  • 3 months ago

    As that’s a CD-R, use a disk utility to check whether the disc has been “finalised”. 

    Finalising allows it to be read by any other compatible optical drive. Non-finalised disks may only be read using the machine which recorded them, equipped with the same software used to create the recording.

    If the disk has not been finalised then do so using a CD-burner drive. Preferably the one used to burn the data to that CD.

    If finalising does not work, or if the CD has already been finalised, then there’s nothing which will fix that CD and you turn to your backup data. No backup? No fix.

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